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✦1 : Trading with Intermarket Analysis: A Visual Approach to Beating the Financial Markets Using Exchange-Traded Funds


✦ PAGES - 250

E-Book Value on Amazon Kindle : ₹2756.00


Chapter 1 - Intermarket Analysis: The Study of Relationships

Chapter 2 - Review of the Old Normal

Chapter 3 - The 1997–1998 Asian Currency Crisis

Chapter 4 - Intermarket Events Surrounding the 2000 Top

Chapter 5 - The 2002 Falling Dollar Boosts Commodities

Chapter 6 - Asset Allocation Rotations Leading to the 2007 Top

Chapter 7 - Visual Analysis of the 2007 Market Top

Chapter 8 - Intermarket Analysis and the Business Cycle

Chapter 9 - The Impact of the Business Cycle on Market Sectors

Chapter 10 - Exchange-Traded Funds

Chapter 11 - The Dollar and Commodities Trend in Opposite Directions

Chapter 12 - Stocks and Commodities Become Highly Correlated

Chapter 13 - Stocks and the Dollar

Chapter 14 - The Link between Bonds and Stocks

Chapter 15 - The Link between Bonds and Commodities

A visual guide to market trading using intermarket analysis and exchange-traded funds

With global markets and asset classes growing even more interconnected, intermarket analysis—the analysis of related asset classes or financial markets to determine their strengths and weaknesses—has become an essential part of any trader’s due diligence.

In Trading with Intermarket Analysis, John J. Murphy, former technical analyst for CNBC, lays out the technical and intermarket tools needed to understand global markets and illustrates how they help traders profit in volatile climates using exchange-traded funds.

Comprehensive and easy-to-use, Trading with Intermarket Analysis presents the most important concepts related to using exchange-traded funds to beat the markets in a visually accessible format.

✦2 : Option Trading: Pricing and Volatility Strategies and Techniques


✦ PAGES - 320

E-Book Value on Amazon Kindle : ₹2756.00


Chapter 1 - History

Chapter 2 - Introduction to Options

Chapter 3 - Arbitrage Bounds for Option Prices

Chapter 4 - Pricing Models

Chapter 5 - The Solution of the Black-Scholes-Merton (BSM) Equation

Chapter 6 - Option Strategies

Chapter 7 - Volatility Estimation

Chapter 8 - Implied Volatility

Chapter 9 - General Principles of Trading and Hedging

Chapter 10 - Market Making Techniques

Chapter 11 - Volatility Trading

Chapter 12 - Expiration Trading

Chapter 13 - Risk Management

An A to Z options trading guide for the new millennium and the new economy

Written by professional trader and quantitative analyst Euan Sinclair, Option Trading is a comprehensive guide to this discipline covering everything from historical background, contract types, and market structure to volatility measurement, forecasting, and hedging techniques.

This comprehensive guide presents the detail and practical information that professional option traders need, whether they’re using options to hedge, manage money, arbitrage, or engage in structured finance deals. It contains information essential to anyone in this field, including option pricing and price forecasting, the Greeks, implied volatility, volatility measurement and forecasting, and specific option strategies.

Explains how to break down a typical position, and repair positions

Other titles by Sinclair: Volatility Trading

Addresses the various concerns of the professional options trader

Option trading will continue to be an important part of the financial landscape. This book will show you how to make the most of these profitable products, no matter what the market does.

✦3 : Profitabe Day and Swing Trading: Using Price / Volume Surges and Pattern Recognition to Catch Big Moves in the Stock Market


✦ PAGES - 200

E-Book Value on Amazon Kindle : ₹2756.00


Chapter 1 - My Journey as a Trader

Chapter 2 - Preparing for the Trading Session

Chapter 3 - Analyzing Early Trend Development

Chapter 4 - My Favorite Day-Trading Patterns

Chapter 5 - Using Moving Averages

Chapter 6 - Drawing Trend Lines and Why They’re Critical in Analyzing the Trend

Chapter 7 - Setting Targets and Price Objectives

Chapter 8 - What Kind of Trader Are You?

Chapter 9 - Determining and Setting Stops

Chapter 10 - Technical Divergences and Loss of Momentum

Chapter 11 - The Interpretation and Use of Stochastic Oscillators

Chapter 12 - Moving Average Convergence/Divergence

Chapter 13 - Bollinger Bands

Chapter 14 - Position Sizing and Money Management

Chapter 15 - Swing Trading

Chapter 16 - Rules and Guidelines to Better Trading

Chapter 17 - 38 Steps to Becoming a Successful Trader

Harry Boxer’s proven techniques for short-term traders Written in easy-to-understand language, Profitable Day and Swing Trading + Website explains the trading tactics that draw on price, volume, and pattern recognition.

Highly regarded trader Harry Boxer offers the information needed to recognize chart patterns, identify trades, and execute entries and exits that will maximize profits and limit losses. Boxer also reveals his concept of price-volume surges as the key to identifying the most lucrative trades.

Throughout the book, Boxer describes his routine for preparing for each trading day, selecting stocks to monitor, and how he keeps track of prices and executes trades. Step by step, this indispensible resource provides the strategies for opening range gaps, the breakouts, and the techniques that have sustained Boxer during his storied Wall Street career. Most notably, he reveals how to trade rising channels following an opening gap or high-volume breakout. 

✦4 : The Option Trader Handbook: Strategies and Trade Adjustments


✦ PAGES - 400

E-Book Value on Amazon Kindle : ₹1163.00


Chapter 1 - Trade and Risk Management

Chapter 2 - Tools of the Trader

Chapter 3 - Long Stock

Chapter 4 - Short Stock

Chapter 5 - Calls and Puts

Chapter 6 - Spreads

Chapter 7 - Combinations

Strategies, tools, and solutions for minimizing risk and volatility in option trading

An intermediate level trading book, The Option Trader Handbook, Second Edition provides serious traders with strategies for managing and adjusting their market positions. This Second Edition features new material on implied volatility; Delta and Theta, and how these measures can be used to make better trading decisions. The book presents the art of making trade adjustments in a logical sequence, starting with long and short stock positions; moving on to basic put and call positions; and finally discussing option spreads and combinations.

Covers different types of underlying positions and discusses all the possible adjustments that can be made to that position

Offers important insights into more complex option spreads and combinations

A timely book for today’s volatile markets

Intended for both stock and option traders, this book will help you improve your overall trading skills and performance.

✦5 - Trading Against the Crowd: Profiting from Fear and Greed in Stock, Futures and Options Markets


✦ PAGES - 224

E-Book Value on Amazon Kindle : ₹2756.00


Chapter 1 - Reflections of a Contrarian on Investor Psychology

Chapter 2 - Measuring “Joe Options Trader” Sentiment

Chapter 3 - Will the Real Put/Call Ratio Please Stand Up?

Chapter 4 - The Options Trading Crowd at Extremes

Chapter 5 - Does the Entire Group of Options Traders Get It Wrong?

Chapter 6 - OEX Options Traders—Is This a Smart Money Crowd?

Chapter 7 - From Statistical Tests to Sentiment Trading System

Chapter 8 - Squeeze Play I: Pulling the Price Trigger

Chapter 9 - Sentiment Squeeze Play II

Chapter 10 - Squeeze Play II and LEAPS Surrogates

Chapter 11 - The Tsunami Sentiment Wave Trading System

Chapter 12 - Adapting Put/Call Ratios to Bond Futures

Chapter 13 - Option Implied Volatility and Investor Sentiment

Chapter 14 - Testing Option Volatility on Equity Indices

Chapter 15 - Stock Options Volatility and Sentiment Long Waves

Chapter 16 - Gauging Crowd Psychology with Short Selling Ratios

Chapter 17 - Public Shorts: Still as Good as Ever as Crowd “Sentimeter”

Chapter 18 - Trading Against the Advisory Opinion Crowd

Chapter 19 - The Fourth Estate Crowd

Chapter 20 - Postscript on Crowd Psychology in Financial Markets

Efficient market theorists contend that markets are random and thus not predictable.

With the publication of Trading Against theCrowd, however, noted author, economist, and professional trader John Summa convincingly shows that investor sentiment can be incorporated into profitable stock and stock market trading systems. 

In this groundbreaking book, Summa explains how to use popular gauges of crowd psychology, such as put/call ratios, option-implied volatility, short sales, investor surveys, and advisory opinion to trade against, or contrary to, prevailing market sentiment.

✦6 : Trading with Candlesticks: Visual Tools for Improved Technical Analysis and Timing


✦ PAGES - 248

E-Book Value on Amazon Kindle : ₹2975.00


Chapter 1 - The Basic Candlestick

Chapter 2 - Single-Stick Signs

Chapter 3 - Double-Slick Moves

Chapter 4 - Complex Slick Pallerns

Chapter 5 - Reversal Patlern Analysis

Chapter 6 - Volume and Volatility

Chapter 7 - Buy and Sell Setup Signals

Chapter 8 - Swing Trading with Candlesticks

Chapter 9 - Spotting Trends and Using Trendlines

Chapter 10 - Technical Indicators

Traders who use charts to time their moves rely on strong and clear signals. Unfortunately, price levels and traditional technical indicators alone aren’t always reliable.

There is a solution: candlestick signs, moves, and patterns. When these visual signs of reversal or continuation are integrated with other signals, they provide the strongest possible entry and exit timing: both the signal and the means for confirming it. In this easy-to-use book, renowned trader Michael C.

Trading with Candlesticks shows dozens of examples of candlestick signs, moves and patterns in action, explaining them not in isolation, but as part of broader, developing price trends on real stock charts. Thomsett also discusses failed signals, and offers guidelines for identifying the likely impending failure or success of each pattern. While no investing approach is 100% foolproof, Thomsett’s system for recognizing candlestick signals and confirming them with other technical signs makes technical analysis more accurate than it’s ever been before.

✦7 - The Handbook of Technical Analysis : The Practitioner's Comprehensive Guide to Technical Analysis


✦ PAGES - 970

E-Book Value on Amazon Kindle : ₹2756.00


✦ Chapter 1 - Introduction to the Art and Science of Technical Analysis​

✦ Chapter 2 - Introduction to Dow Theory​

✦ Chapter 3 - Mechanics and Dynamics of Charting​

✦ Chapter 4 - Market Phase Analysis​

✦ Chapter 5 - Trend Analysis​

✦ Chapter 6 - Volume and Open Interest​

✦ Chapter 7 - Bar Chart Analysis​

✦ Chapter 8 - Window Oscillators and Overlay Indicators​

✦ Chapter 9 - Divergence Analysis​

✦ Chapter 10 - Fibonacci Number and Ratio Analysis​

✦ Chapter 11 - Moving Averages​

✦ Chapter 12 - Envelopes and Methods of Price Containment​

✦ Chapter 13 - Chart Pattern Analysis​

✦ Chapter 14 - Japanese Candlestick Analysis​

✦ Chapter 15 - Point‐and‐Figure Charting​

✦ Chapter 16 - Ichimoku Charting and Analysis​

✦ Chapter 17 - Market Profile​

✦ Chapter 18 - Basic Elliott Wave Analysis​

✦ Chapter 19 - Basics of Gann Analysis​

✦ Chapter 20 - Cycle Analysis​

✦ Chapter 21 - Volatility Analysis​

✦ Chapter 22 - Market Breadth​

✦ Chapter 23 - Sentiment Indicators and Contrary Opinion​

✦ Chapter 24 - Relative Strength Analysis​

✦ Chapter 25 - Investor Psychology​

✦ Chapter 26 - Trader Risk Profiling and Position Analysis​

✦ Chapter 27 - Integrated Technical Analysis​

✦ Chapter 28 - Money Management​

✦ Chapter 29 - Technical Trading Systems

A self study exam preparatory guide for financial technical analysis certifications

The book is an excellent resource for serious traders and technical analysts, and includes a chapter dedicated to advanced money management techniques. This chapter helps complete a student’s education and also provides indispensable knowledge for FOREX, bond, stock, futures, CFD, and option traders.

Learn the definitions, concepts, application, integration, and execution of technical-based trading tools and approaches

Integrate innovative techniques for pinpointing and handling market reversals

Understand trading mechanisms and advanced money management techniques

Examine the weaknesses of popular technical approaches and find more effective solutions

The book allows readers to test their current knowledge and then check their learning with end-of-chapter test questions that span essays, multiple choice, and chart-based annotation exercises. This handbook is an essential resource for students, instructors, and practitioners in the field. Alongside the handbook,

✦8 - Master Traders: Strategies for Superior Returns from Today's Top Traders


✦ PAGES - 320

E-Book Value on Amazon Kindle : ₹2756.00


Chapter 1 - Playing with Fear and Arrogance Jeff deGraaf

Chapter 2 - Sector Analysis: Tools of the Trade Frank Barbera

Chapter 3 - Evaluating Probabilities to Improve Profitability

Chapter 4 - The Secret Science of Price and Volume

Chapter 5 - The Keys to Biotech Investing

Chapter 6 - Investigative Investing: Themes and Methods for Uncovering Value

Chapter 7 - The Secret Messages of Equity and Options Markets

Chapter 8 - Trading Seasonality

Chapter 9 - Volatility and Its Importance to Option Investors

Chapter 10 - Making Sense of Market Moves: Using Technical and Fundamental Analysis Together

Chapter 11 - New World Trading of Old World Markets: European Derivatives

Chapter 12 - Options Applications to Pairs Trading

Master Traders introduces you to an outstanding group of financial experts—from seasoned hedge fund managers to top technical analysts—who discuss the methods they use to tame today’s highly volatile and unpredictable markets.

Composed of chapters contributed by leading financial professionals, Master Traders contains a variety of proven strategies and techniques that will give you an edge in the world of stocks, options, and futures.

✦9 : Trading VIX Derivatives: Trading and Hedging Strategies Using VIX Futures, Options, and Exchange-Traded Notes


✦ PAGES - 296

E-Book Value on Amazon Kindle : ₹5551.00


Chapter 1 - Understanding Implied Volatility

Chapter 2 - About the VIX Index

Chapter 3 - VIX Futures

Chapter 4 - VIX Options

Chapter 5 - Weekly Options on CBOE Volatility Index Futures

Chapter 6 - Volatility-Related Exchange-Traded Notes

Chapter 7 - Alternate Equity Volatility and Strategy Indexes

Chapter 8 - Volatility Indexes on Alternative Assets

Chapter 9 - The VIX as a Stock Market Indicator

Chapter 10 - Hedging with VIX Derivatives

Chapter 11 - Speculating with VIX Derivatives

Chapter 12 - Calendar Spreads with VIX Futures

Chapter 13 - Calendar Spreads with VIX Options and Futures

Chapter 14 - Vertical Spreads with VIX Options

Chapter 15 - Iron Condors and Butterflies with VIX Options

A guide to using the VIX to forecast and trade markets

Known as the fear index, the VIX provides a snapshot of expectations about future stock market volatility and generally moves inversely to the overall stock market. 

Trading VIX Derivatives will show you how to use the Chicago Board Options Exchange’s S&P 500 volatility index to gauge fear and greed in the market, use market volatility to your advantage, and hedge stock portfolios. 

Engaging and informative, this book skillfully explains the mechanics and strategies associated with trading VIX options, futures, exchange traded notes, and options on exchange traded notes.

Many market participants look at the VIX to help understand market sentiment and predict turning points. With a slew of VIX index trading products now available, traders can use a variety of strategies to speculate outright on the direction of market volatility, but they can also utilize these products in conjunction with other instruments to create spread trades or hedge their overall risk.

✦10 : Option Volatility and Pricing: Advanced Trading Strategies and Techniques


✦ PAGES - 588

E-Book Value on Amazon Kindle : ₹3514.00


Chapter 1 - Financial Contracts

Chapter 2 - Forward Pricing

Chapter 3 - Contract Specifications and Option Terminology

Chapter 4 - Expiration Profit and Loss

Chapter 5 - Theoretical Pricing Models

Chapter 6 - Volatility

Chapter 7 - Risk Maasurement 1

Chapter 8 - Dynamic Hedging

Chapter 9 - Risk Measurement 2

Chapter 10 - Introduction to Spreading

Chapter 11 - Volatility Spreads

Chapter 12 - Bull and Bear Spreads

Chapter 13 - Risk Considerations

Chapter 14 - Synthetics

Chapter 15 - Option Arbritage

Chapter 16 - Early Exercise of American Options

Chapter 17 - Hedging With Options

Chapter 18 - The Black-Scholes Model

Chapter 19 - Binomial Option Pricing

Chapter 20 - Volatility Revisited

Chapter 21 - Position Analysis

Chapter 22 - Stock Index Future and Options

Chapter 23 - Models Are The Real World

Chapter 24 - Volatility Skews

Chapter 25 - Volatility Contracts

What every option trader needs to know. The one book every trader should own.

The best-selling Option Volatility & Pricing has made Sheldon Natenberg a widely recognized authority in the option industry. At firms around the world, the text is often the first book that new professional traders are given to learn the trading strategies and risk management techniques required for success in option markets.

Now, in this revised, updated, and expanded second edition, this thirty-year trading professional presents the most comprehensive guide to advanced trading strategies and techniques now in print. Covering a wide range of topics as diverse and exciting as the market itself, this text enables both new and experienced traders to delve in detail into the many aspects of option markets, including:

The foundations of option theory

Dynamic hedging

Volatility and directional trading strategies

Risk analysis

Position management

Stock index futures and options

Volatility contracts

You’ll learn how professional option traders approach the market, including the trading strategies and risk management techniques necessary for success. You’ll gain a fuller understanding of how theoretical pricing models work. And, best of all, you’ll learn how to apply the principles of option evaluation to create strategies that, given a trader’s assessment of market conditions and trends, have the greatest chance of success.



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