Learn To Trade With One of The Most Powerful, Secret Leading Indicator: Fibonacci… Take This Powerful Course! 







✦ 1. Introduction

• Introduction To Fibonacci

• Correct Fibonacci Tool Settings

• Getting Started With Fibs
• Golden Ratio
• Establishing Ranges
• Drawing Ranges

✦ 2. Fibonacci Ranges and Confluence

• Quick Review
• Focusing The Grid
• Examples Of Range Drawing
• Confluence
• Examples Of Confluence

✦ 3. Targeting

• Entry Targets
• Targeting With Extensions
• Profit Targets
• Targeting Examples
• Confluence Projections
• Example Of Confluence Projections
• Homework

✦ 4. The X-Axis

• Introduction To The X-Axis
• The X-Axis
• Fibonacci Time Zones
• Time Zone Examples
• Fibonacci Angles
• Example Of Fibonacci Angles

✦ 5. Fibonacci and Elliott Wave

• The Basics Of Elliot Wave
• Wave Personalities
• Fibonacci Relationships To Waves
• Example Of Drawing Waves With Fibonacci Analysis

✦ 6. Trade Setups

• Introduction To Trade Setups
• Trades Using Confluence
• Example Of A Confluence Setup
• ABC Pattern
• Example Of ABC Pattern
• Gartley Pattern

✦ 7. Fibonacci and Intraday Trading

• Intraday Trading and Fractals
• The 15 Minute Rule
• Example Of A 15 Minute Rule

✦ 8. Trading Plan

• Fibs And The Anatomy Of The Trade
• Trade Optimization
• Roadmap For Success

✦ + 8 Workbooks



 Psychology of Fear

 Papar Trading

 Gaining Confidence

 Devoping a Trading Plan

 Trading With The Trend

 Indicators and Overlays

 Moving Averages

 Moving Average TWTR

 Moving Average NKE

 Bollinger Bands

 Bollinger Bands AAPL

 Bollinger Bands FB

 Bollinger Band Breakouts

 Selected Indicators

 Using The MACD

 Volume In Practice

 Bullish Entries

 Bearish Entries

 Targeting Moving Averages

 Risk Management & Stop Losses

& Much More


✦ Head & Shoulder + Inverse Head & Shoulders Pattern

• Trading H & S + IH & S Patterns

• Inter Corp (INTC) Head and Shoulder Pattern

• Startbucks (SBUX) Inverse Head and Shoulders Pattern Daily + Weekly

• Apple (AAPL) Head and Shoulders Pattern

• Broadcom Limited (AVGO) Inverse Head and Shoulders Pattern

• Univar (UNVR) Inverse Head and Shoulders Patterns Intradat

✦ Playing The Trend Line Bounce

• Trading Rising and Declining Trend Lines

• Bank of America (BAC) Rising Trend Line

• Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL) Declining Trend Line

• Tesla (TSLA) Rising Trend Line

• Tractor Supply (TSCO) Declining Trend Line

• Alibaba (BABA) Rising Trend Line

• Apple (AAPL) Declining Trend Line Weekly Chart

✦ Trading The Flag Pattern

• Simplicity of The Flag Pattern

• Amazon (AMZN) Bull Flag Pattern

• Aecom (ACM) Bear Flag Pattern

• Norfolk Southern (NSC) Bull Flag Pattern

• Verizon (VZ) Bear Flag Pattern

• Nike (NKE) Bear Flag Pattern

✦ How To Trade Using Support and Resistance Level

• Support and Resistance Breaks and How to Use Them

• Harris Corp (HRS) Support Breakdown

• Chipotle Mexican Grill(CMG) Resistance Breakout

• D.R. Horton (DHI) Support Breakdown

• Citrix System (CTXS) Resistance Breakout

• Square (SQ) Support Breakdown

• Facebook (FB) Resistance Breakout

✦ Understanding and Profiting From Triangles

• Triangle Play and How It Works For You

• F5 Networks (FFIV) Ascending Triangle Break Up

• Perrigo (PRGO) Descending Triangle Breakdown

• J.P. Morgan Chase (JPM) Symmetrical Triangle Break Up

• Alphabet (GOOGL) Symmetrical Triangle Breakdown

• Adobe Systems (ADBE) Continuation Triangle

• Cimarex Energy (XEC) Continuation Triangle Pattern

What You Will Learn In This Course

➤ Intro to Fibonacci & Why They Work
➤ Correct Fibonacci Ranges
➤ Major Caution: Don’t Mess This One Up!
➤ Fixing Common Mistakes
➤ Fibonacci During Symmetrical Market Cycles
➤ Fibonacci During Expansion & Contraction Cycles
➤ Establishing Confluence
➤ Two Types of Targets
➤ The Most Important Question
➤ Fibonacci Expansions
➤ Projections Based on Confluence
➤ The Surprising History of the X-Axis
➤ Fibonacci Time Extensions
➤ Fibonacci Time Zones
➤ Fibonacci Angles: Price & Time Combined
➤ Pair, Session & Strategy
➤ Drawing Fibs from the Candle
➤ Drawing Fibs from the Zone
➤ Overall Market Environment
➤ 4 Main Fibonacci Setups
➤ Fibonacci Trading Tips

& A Lot More…

Learn To Trade With One of The Most Powerful, Secret Leading Indicator: Fibonacci, By Taking This Powerful Course!


Fibonacci is one of the most powerful tool for predicting future price movement in the Stock Market and Forex because this is not only a tool but also a secret leading indicator. But as this is an advanced tool so you need to go through this course to get a deep knowledge about this indicator.

There is a mathematical rhythm to life. Pythagoras figured this out nearly 2,000 years ago and labeled it the Golden Ratio. From weather to anatomy, you can often find representations of this ratio in the natural world!

Fibonacci Analysis is built upon the Golden Ratio.

It makes sense. If we are used to experiencing life in reference to this perfect ratio, it’s likely to also influence how the masses enter and exit the market.

People are surprisingly “patternable.”

Once you understand how these patterns relate to the perfect, Golden Ratio, the quality of your analysis will skyrocket. It’s almost like cheating once you see the pattern!

• Fibonacci Ranges and Confluence

• Targeting

• Fibonacci Convergence

• The X-Axis

• Fibonacci and Elliott Wave

• Trade Setups & Trading Plan

• and a lot more

After completing this course, you’ll be ready to throw away those over-cluttered and confusing charts. You know the type — the ones with so many lines you can’t make any trading decisions!

Fibonacci analysis done correctly will liberate your chart from endless lines. It creates laser-focused price forecasting and confidence in your trading decisions.

You will never wonder if a stock is trading in a predictable manner. You will never wonder where to get in and out of the trade. And, most importantly, you will never ever miss the millions of lines!

So, Take This Course to Get a Deep Knowledge About This Powerful Indicator


Learn To Trade With One of The Most Powerful, Secret Leading Indicator: Fibonacci, By Taking This Powerful Course!

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