Unlock the Secrets of Market with Price Action Trading where every chart tells a story, and every candle holds the key to profitable decisions. Trade with Precision, trade with confidence.







✦ Introduction To Price Action

• What Is Price Action?

• Core Components of Price Action?

• How Do Price Action Help Us?

• Examples of Price Action

✦ Price

• Introduction to Brokers

• Concept of Price Movement

• Introduction to Technical Analysis

• Market Index

• Trend

• Support and Resistance Part I

• Support and Resistance Part II

✦ Trading Instruments and Money Management

• Trading Instruments

• Risk Management

✦ Candlestick

• Doji

• Hammer

• Shooting Star

• Engulfing Pattern

• Morning and Evening Star

✦ Patterns

• Patterns

✦ In Depth Analysis

• Identifying Strength and Weakness

• Future Trend

• Initial Market Analysis

• Trade Opportunity Zone

• Chart

• Summary

✦ Understanding The Foundation of Price Action

• An introduction to price action trading

• How and why price action works
• The importance of Risk v Reward and Probability
• Understanding why price moves
• The shift and imbalance of supply and demand
• An overview of price action patterns

✦ Technical Price Action Patterns

• Understanding the key components of price patterns

• Examine how price reacts
• Momentum Ignition Hunting
• Flags
• Flag rules
• 1st Pullback
• 1st Pullback Rules
• Extreme Volume
• Extreme Range
• Trend change at key times
• Intraday trend reversals
• Momentum Ignition Summary

✦ Price Exhaustion

• Price Exhaustion Patterns

• The Flush
• Wicks and tails
• Fakeouts
• Range break fake setup
• Using indicators & avoiding the common trap

✦ Fundamental Driver of Price Action

• Big money causing shifting supply and demand

• Thinking like ‘Big Money’
• External influences

✦ Trade Selection Process

• Setting up your filtering process

• The trading funnel
• Idea generation
• Grading your trade
• Trade grading examples

✦ Trade Triggers

• Pulling the trigger

• Using other indicators as triggers
• Trend reversals as triggers

✦ Adding Extra Weight To The Trade

• Adding additional weight to the trade

• Social media weighting & the short squeeze
• Heavy retail involvement
• Crowd prediction

✦ Effective Risk Management

• Controlling risk

• Swing scalping & Position sizing
• The power of scaling & multiple positions

✦ Your 30 Day Action Plan

• Your 30 day action plan to become a specialist

• Trade execution process & Improvement
• Define your grade criteria, trigger and filter plan
• 10 – 30 days action plan
• Action plan summary


✦ Technical Analysis Core Concepts

• Two Schools Of Investing In Stocks​
• Why Technical Analysis Works…But Not Every Time​
• Quick Look At A Chart And How To Read It
• Picking a Time Frame For Your Technical Analysis
• Breakouts And Retracements​ In The Stock Market
• Traders Behaving Badly
• Market Sentiment
• Indicators Identify Opportunity And Separate Out Noise​

✦ Price Bars. Foundation Of Technical Analysis

• Trend Formation With Price Bar Series
• Opportunities For Trading Spikes!
• Trading Range As A Technical Analysis Tool
• Trading Range Indicators And Confirmations
• Trading Range As A Profit Tool
• Other Price Bars

✦ Trading Gaps As a Big Opportunity When Using Technical Analysis

• Gaps Are A Big Trading Opportunity
• Using Gaps To Your Advantage
• How To Spot A Gap: Gaps Explained In Detail
• Breakaway Gaps
• Runaway Gaps
• Exhaustion Gaps

✦ Candlesticks: Critical To Technical Stock Trading Success

• Candlestick Price Bar Intro And Benefits​
• Interpreting A Candlestick Price Bar​ So You Can Use It Effectively
• Doji Candlesticks Can Be Big Opportunities
• Doji: Dragonfly, Gravestone, And Shadows As Technical Trading Tools
• Candlestick Patterns are Powerful Indicators
• Hammer & Hanging Man Candlestick Patterns
• Harami & Engulfing Candlestick Patterns
• Shooting Star & Window Candlestick Patterns
• Three Soldiers Or Crow Candlestick Patterns
• Candlestick Pattern Final Thoughts

✦ Trendlines: Drawing and Trading

• Drawing Trendlines Intro
• Trading Uptrends
• Downtrends
• Channels
• Identifying False Trend Line Breaks​
• Strategic Approach To False Trend Line Breaks​
• Filter Approach To False Trendline Breaks
• Trend Lines Final Thoughts

✦ Chart Patterns Recognition and Trading Success With Technical Analysis

• Chart Patterns Intro
• Continuation Patterns
• Triangle Chart Patterns
• Flag Chart Patterns
• Rectangle Chart Patterns
• Dead Cat Bounce Chart Pattern
• Cup With Handle Chart Pattern
• Reversal Patterns
• Double Bottom
• Double Top
• Head And Shoulders Chart Pattern

✦ Moving Averages: Great Indicator and Trading Tool

• Moving Average Introduction
• Simple Moving Average (SMA)
• Excellent Crossover Rule For Decision Making
• Filters And Overcoming Whipsaws
• Moving Average Rule For Decision Making
• Weighted, Exponential, And Adaptive Moving Averages​
• Which Moving Average Should You Use
• Dealing With Moving Average Limitations​
• Multiple Moving Averages As A Indicator
• MACD: Powerful Moving Average Convergence Divergence
• Golden & Death Crosses: Are There Magic Moving Average Numbers

✦ Momentum Trading Indicators

• Momentum Rate Of Change (ROC)
• Technical Momentum Vs. Momentum Investing​
• Using Momentum As A Trading Indicator​
• Momentum: Understanding & Tricky Aspects​
• Relative Strength Index (RSI)​: A Better Momentum Indicator
• Stochastic Oscillator Momentum Trading
• RSI Vs. Stochastic Oscillator​: When Use Which

✦ Volatility: Using It To Your Trading Advantage​

• Introducing Not So Scary Volatility And How Does It Arise
• Degrees Of Volatility (Variance)​
• Average True Range (ATR) Indicator​
• Bollinger Band​s: Super Useful, Walk Up And Down The Band
• Fibonacci As A Trading Indicator​ ​(Love It Or Skeptical)
• Fibonacci Trading Demonstration

✦ Better Results Using Multiple Trading Tools

• Combining Tools For Better Returns​
• Validator Indicators
• Unusual Opportunities And Validator Indicators
• Become An Expert In An Indicator​
• Putting Together Your Indicator Combination​
• Example: Putting Together Your Indicator Combination​
• Classic Indicator Combinations

✦ Creating a Trading Strategy

• Selective Trading Timing
• Setup Trading
• Guerilla Setup Trading
• Managing Your Trades​
• Building Trading Rules​ For Better Profits
• Be Wary Of People Selling Trading Systems​
• Creating Your Trading Plan: Combining Indicators With Your Risk Profile

✦ Managing Your Trades For Success

• Maximize Profit With Targets!​
• Minimize Loss With Stop-Loss!​
• What Exactly Is A Stop-Loss
• Stop-Loss Strategy Options. Types Of Stop-Loss For Technical Traders
• Adjusting Positions​
• Importance Of Tracking Your Results
• Calculating What You Can Expect To Make Per Trade

✦ Order Types and Which are Best at Different Times

• Introduction To Order Types
• Market And Limit Orders
• All-Or-None, Fill Or Kill, Immediate Or Cancel, And Good Till Canceled Orders
• Short Sell And Buy To Cover Orders
• Stop Loss, Limit, And Trailing Order Types
• Bracketed Orders
• Final Thoughts On Order Types


✦ Trade With More Confidence, Clarity and Discipline to Accelerate Your Learning Curve.

✦ Detailed Trading Strategies, Trigger Setups, Risk Management Rules and More…

✦ How to look at the markets differently and set yourself apart from other traders.

✦ Interpreting supply and demand and spotting imbalances.
✦ Hunting momentum ignition – When price is about to trend.
✦ Using a filters & trigger process for optimum trade performance.
✦ Grading your trades (for aggressive traders)
✦ Specific strategies within Momentum Ignition and Price Exhaustion categories
✦ How to capitalise on institutional orderflow

✦ Magic levels that experts use for trading

✦ How to grow a small trading account

✦ How to day trade Supply and Demand

✦ How to make money when the market is ranging

✦ When to hold for more profit and when not to

✦ How to sell when the market is rising

✦ Advance trading techniques

✦ The right way to use support and resistance

✦ How to buy or sell with no confirmation

✦ How to use the Supply and Demand indicator

✦ How to day trade and swing trade

✦ How to get in early and have a small stop loss

✦ How to properly add to your current position

✦ How to grow a small account

✦ Smart money trading strategies

✦ How To Trade Like a Pro

& Much More!!



✦ Recognize trends and chart patterns to make successful trading decisions
✦ Learn many indicators that will show trend continuations and reversals that will aid in your stock markets trading
✦ Develop your own strategies combining indicators, trading rules, order placement and more
✦ Build confidence so the learner can apply immediately what has been learned into their own investing and stock trading
✦ Technical Analysis Core Concepts
✦ Why Technical Analysis Works
✦ How To Easily Read A Stock Chart Like A Pro
✦ Price Bars: Foundation Of Technical Analysis
✦ Trading Gaps As A Big Opportunity
✦ Candlesticks: Critical To Technical Trading Success
✦ Identifying And Trading Candlestick Patterns
✦ Trend Lines: Drawing And Trading
✦ Strategy And Tactics For Using Trend Trading
✦ Chart Pattern Recognition And Trading Success
✦ Key Continuation Patterns Like Triangles and Rectangles
✦ Key Reversal Patterns Like Head And Shoulders
✦ Unusual Patterns Like the Dead Cat Bounce And Cup With Handle
✦ Moving Averages: Great Indicator And Trading Tool To Start With
✦ Momentum Trading Indicators
✦ Relative Strength Index (RSI) To Determine If Stock Is Overbought or Oversold
✦ Trade Leveraging The Stochastic Oscillator
✦ Volatility: Using It To Your Trading Advantage
✦ Walking Up And Down Bollinger Bands
✦ Fibonacci As A Trading Indicator
✦ Drive Better Results Using Multiple Trading Tools
✦ Creating A Trading Strategy
✦ Managing Your Trades For Success
✦ Order Types And Which Are Best At Different Times
✦ Setup Trading And Rules Based Trading


Learn Everything, A-to-Z About Price Action Trading, Learn Detailed Trading Strategies, Trigger Setups, Risk Management Rules & More

Get Complete and Deep Understanding of the Why, How, When and What Moves Price. 

Whether You are a Fresher or Amateur In Stock Market World, You Learn The Complete IN and OUTS of Price Action.

This course designed to empower traders of all levels with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to navigate the markets with precision and achieve their financial goals. 

By exploring topics such as price anatomy, price spikes, market gaps, indicators, price levels, and trading strategies, this Price Action Course offers traders valuable insights to enhance their trading skills, enhance their decision making capabilities.

+ You Will Learn an Exclusive Concept Where You Can “Find Setups Today, Make Money Tomorrow” In Which You Can Get The Right Stock To Trade With Detailed Set of Mechanical Rules

By the end of the program, you will acquire a competitive edge over other traders, learn how to reduce the risks, and how to maximize your profits.

So, Weather You’re a Beginner, Eager To Learn The Ropes or an Experienced Trader Looking To Enhance Your Skill, This Powerful Course Is For You! 


Successful stock market trading is all about using technical indicators to help you determine when to buy and when to sell a stock. In addition, learning the best indicators, how to confidently apply them, building your personal strategy, and understanding how to use various order types is the key to a comprehensive learning experience and practical use of technical analysis for yourself. 

What you will learn can be fully applied no matter your trading goals and time availability so perfect for those who want to become:
Swing Traders: Hours to Days
Position Traders: Days to Weeks
Part Time Investors: Weeks to Months
Buy And Holders: Entry With Fewer Exits
Learn at your own pace and apply what you learn to your own favorite stocks that you may already be following!
Perfect for those who are brand new to trading in the stock market or consider themselves beginners or intermediate traders. This course covers many topics that you can practically apply and use immediately.


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